Our Team

the people that make this all happen


Joy Farnaby

Group Leader

Joy did her DPhil at the University of Sussex in Organometallic Uranium Chemistry with Professor Geoff Cloke. This was followed by three postdoctoral research positions, in the USA with Professors N. Hazari and W. J. Evans, and in the UK with Prof. P. L. Arnold. Joy was then awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial College London under the mentorship of Professor N. J. Long, before moving to the University of Glasgow to take up a lectureship and start her group in 2016


Tajrian Chowdhury

PhD 2020-2024

Tajrian’s PhD specializes in synthetic inorganic chemistry of the lanthanides and is funded by the College of Science and Engineering Scholarship. Tajrian graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of Glasgow, where he conducted both his final year research and summer research projects in lanthanide chemistry in the Farnaby group. Tajrian graduated from high school in 2017 from Sunnydale school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, before moving abroad to pursue further studies. Outside of the lab, Tajrian enjoys activities like portrait-sketching, writing/directing short films, classical Bengali music and cooking south-east Asian cuisine.


Anna Bailey

PhD 2022-2026

Anna completed her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow in 2022. After a Carnegie Trust funded summer project within the Farnaby group and a BSc project in the Hedley Single Molecule Laboratory, Anna decided to stay at the University of Glasgow for her PhD. Working in collaboration with the Hedley Single Molecule Laboratory her project focuses on lanthanide complex photophysics and single molecule spectroscopy funded by the EPSRC. In her spare time Anna likes wakeboarding in the summer, cooking, travel, binge watching TV and going for pints with friends.


Cooper Smylie

PhD 2022-2026

Cooper’s PhD involves the synthesis of molecular and nanoparticle surrogates for special nuclear material and is funded by Sellafield Ltd and the University of Glasgow. Cooper received his Master’s in chemistry from the University of Strathclyde completing a Master’s project looking into low oxidation state main group chemistry. In Cooper’s spare time he is a massive football fan, a gym frequenter and an avid gamer.


Eilidh MacCormick

PhD 2022-2026

Eilidh’s PhD involves using experimental actinide chemistry to solve technical challenges in special nuclear material management and is funded by the NDA. Eilidh was awarded her MChem from the University of Strathclyde where she completed an industrial placement at Sika Technologies in analytical chemistry. For her final year project Eilidh structurally studied amine substituted sulfonated azo dyes. In her spare time Eilidh enjoys going to the pub, learning Gaelic and travelling.


Ella McCaffrey

Undergraduate MSci Project

After her placement year in the University of Bologna under the supervision of Professor Serena Silvi working with photoactive molecular machines, Ella has joined the Farnaby group to work on her final year MSci project. Her project focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of a series of Ln(hfac)3(tptz) complexes to assess their physical and photochemical properties, such as their variable temperature light emission, as well as exploring potential applications and Single Molecule Spectroscopy of these compounds. In her free time, Ella tends to read, keep her plants alive, go to gigs, and go to the pub with friends (although perhaps not necessarily in that order).

Former Group Members

gone but not forgotten


Bradley Wilson

PhD 2022

Trainee Patent Attorney at Carpmaels & Ransford.


Samuel Horsewill

PhD 2021

PDRA in the Scott Group at University of Bath.


James Hickson

PhD 2019

Systems Engineer at Rolls-Royce.